All our frames are handcrafted in London.

Our ethos

Having a majority of spectacle frames being made in Italy, France and China left an open gap for the industry to reinvent itself in the British market. Charles Duffy Eyewear was born in the heart of London, and our frames are produced and manufactured in-house. Adding exclusivity to our uniqueness, CDE manufactures a low output of beautifully crafted frames inspired by the iconic models that shifted the eyewear culture from a mundane necessity to a reflection of identity.

A dedication to craftsmanship

Mechanical integrity, aesthetics and practicality are the underlying principals that drive CDE to produce lasting frames of beauty. We source the highest quality components and utilise the finest acetate to ensure the frames' longevity. From design to production, each pair undertakes over 30 rigorous processes, employing traditional and contemporary techniques. All our frames undergo stringent quality control measures before their acceptance into the collection.